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About Us

Widgetop brings Apple Dashboard widgets to the web so now you can access your own personal Web Desktop anywhere.

Widgetop supports an assortment of mini web applications or widgets which you can use to create your own personal Web Desktop.

You can display information such as news feeds, web services, pictures, weather, finance quotes, games, stickies, calendars and a whole host of other fun and usefull mini applications.

Drag and Drop widgets onto your webtop page to display just the information you want. Keep your favorite widgets in the handy widgets favorites bar. On your webtop page turn your widgets over to reveal their settings panel and change their appearance, content, configuration to customise them as you want.

Widget Gallery

Widgetop hosts all widgets online in a handy catalog so you can quickly browse, try out and add widgets to your desktop. New widgets are added all the time by our widget developers so there is always something new to try out.

Widgetop automatically updates your widgets to the latest version so you can save time managing your desktop software and instead do the things you really want.

Widget Developers

Create your own widgets using HTML, CSS and JavaScript or Java and Flash and publish them online to share with others. See the developer guide to find out how.